Family Storytime Company

Family Storytime Company with Scottish Youth Theatre.

Exploring the science within classic children’s stories the Story Scientists and their mini experts have been testing temperature to find the right porridge for Golidlocks, studied energy transfer in The Enormous Turnip, learned about gravity from Chicken Licken and made batteries in My Robot.

Our interactive adventures through story and science are full of games, songs, and a pinch of magic.

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The Loyal Liars

A sorcerer of the spectacular and his worthless, stupid, bald, incredibly bald, silly little assistant.

Magic Dave & his apprentice Average Jack are the Loyal Liars. A pair of comedy magicians, who perform anywhere and everywhere from the streets to the stage, performing original mind boggling illusions. 

The act centres around for the disdain Magic Dave has for his assistant, whom always thwarts his attempts to be glorious, and the incomparable love that Average Jack has for his master and more importantly the audience.

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Sir Moustache Bristleby And The Ed-Splorers

Writer and Performer.

A Rag Tag group of adventurers, travelling round the world to tell you of the many wonderful things we have found!

We’ve been all over, and we would like to tell you our exciting tales through puppetry, song, magic and games!

A thrilling, interactive, storytelling theatre show for children and family audiences.

The Sir Moustache Crew are Experts (or EdsPerts) In all things natural, cultural and historical and have travelled the world exploring exotic lands and having many marvellous adventures along the way. Lend us your ears and let us tell you the marvellous adventures of Sir Moustache Bristleby And The Ed-Splorers!

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Between Two Worlds

co. Director & Magic Consultant

As co. Lead Artist to direct a site specific performance working with the Mash Collective, Surge and Students of the Physical Theatre course in Edinburgh.

This piece was made in response to Maria McCavana’s ‘Ghost Portraits’, this one off performance summons the ghosts of Greenock’s past and present and invites you to see what is in front of you from a different perspective. Explored through choreography, spoken word, magic and mantra.

The Mash Collective - Galoshans 2016

The Magic of Reality

Writer, Director and Performer

We take reality for granted. It seems so simple, we open our eyes and there it is. But that does not mean it is simple.

I have spent my life obsessed with deception and illusion, how they can affect people’s view of reality and the sense of wonder this can give us. This performance will explore our willingness to be deceived and our connection to the wonderful. Through magic and psychology I aim to show the capabilities we all have to astound ourselves.

This is a performance that explored how symbols and sings are manipulated in the world around us. Infusing magic, performance, psychology and perception.

The Magic of Reality challenges how we see the world, asking where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? From the adverts that catch our subconscious to the belief systems we dedicate ourselves to.

In this performance I explore the deception through deception.

Wonder through wonder. Magic through reality.

“David Gillan hoodwinked us with affable charm in The Magic of Reality. Yes, he kept telling about the power of perception – emphasised how our choices are influenced without us noticing – but still we fell for his cunning sleight of hand, and his deft conjuring with the psychology of our susceptibilities.”

— Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland



Director and Performer.

What is your pleasure, what is your pain?

Morsus is an original performance piece created back in early 2015.

Inspired by the Aesop’s Fable – The Lion and the Mouse.

When we are confronted by our own limitations our reaction is usually one of fear. But fear is only an illusion that blinds us from seeing what is possible.

I have had the pleasure of performing MORSUS in venues across Scotland. The performance is never the same, for the audience is never the same. The reactions are different, the sense of fear is different depending on who is willing challenge themselves.