The Magic of Reality

Writer, Director and Performer

We take reality for granted. It seems so simple, we open our eyes and there it is. But that does not mean it is simple.

I have spent my life obsessed with deception and illusion, how they can affect people’s view of reality and the sense of wonder this can give us. This performance will explore our willingness to be deceived and our connection to the wonderful. Through magic and psychology I aim to show the capabilities we all have to astound ourselves.

This is a performance that explored how symbols and sings are manipulated in the world around us. Infusing magic, performance, psychology and perception.

The Magic of Reality challenges how we see the world, asking where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? From the adverts that catch our subconscious to the belief systems we dedicate ourselves to.

In this performance I explore the deception through deception.

Wonder through wonder. Magic through reality.

“David Gillan hoodwinked us with affable charm in The Magic of Reality. Yes, he kept telling about the power of perception – emphasised how our choices are influenced without us noticing – but still we fell for his cunning sleight of hand, and his deft conjuring with the psychology of our susceptibilities.”

— Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland


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