About me

Having trained in performance and facilitation at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, my practice is one that infuses my skills within performance, collabertaion, design and psychology to achieve unique works utalising magic, music, storytelling, movement, clowning and puppetry – among others. This creates the driving philosophy of my practice that art is an act of community and that

art is for everyone.

Each of us have a unique creativity, it is a gift that comes with being human. Often art is seen as secluded to those who possess ‘talent’ or ‘skill’. I argue that everyone is talented in their own way, with skills that drive who we are.

Art isn’t about impressing or even succeeding. Art is what makes life more than the basic survival, and not everyone in life feels artistic. We are fed so much by the at world itself that it is a luxury. It is not a luxury, it is a right. A right of being human.

In my practice I have found that by having a wide ranging skill set has allowed me to engage with myself and others in a plethora of different contexts. Giving me the abilities I need in order to create, collaborate and challenge myself and others to achieve moments of connection.


Into the New 2016
Into the New 2016


I believe that magic is art and art is inherently magic. They are interconnected by the manipulation of words, symbols and images to change the consciousness of others. Magic sadly suffers from some misconceptions, one of which being that it is purely for entertainment. I contest this through my practice as magic is a subtle, psychological and wonderful art form, to me;


Magic is theatrical at it’s very core, it is performed to people and it can be performed anywhere from a large stage to a small stage, a nightclub, a restaurant, on the street, to one person in a hospital bed, before a crowded room, in a foreign land, to those that do not share a language. There are no limitations to where magic can be performed, it is a language of performance most of us understand. It is designed and presented by a performer which gives it the right to be art, it is artful.

When impossible things are artfully done, people feel energy, delight and wonder. people often think that magic is about lying and deception, which in many way it is. Magicians do use hidden techniques to achieve their effects but so does every artist in any field. film makers, actors, poets, Painters all use techniques they do not discuss to achieve their goals. no other art form is as honest, as a magician I will lie to you and tell you I am lying.

A magician’s task is to relax your analytical mind so you might experience energy, delight and wonder. Magicians show us, actually and symbolically that the impossible is possible.